Vätten's Follow Me And My Star










 Født: 20. oktober 2010

Højde:  60 cm

Alle tænder  -  All teeth

HD-TESTED- result B (Hip.disp.) 13.08.2012

NE-TESTED: CLEAR (Neonatal Encephalopathy) 13.05.2013

Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE)

Neonatal encephalopathy is a recessive developmental brain disease. Affected pups exhibit extreme weakness, and those that survive the first week generally develop progressively worse ataxia, or inability to move properly. This is often accompanied by severe seizures. None have survived to 7 weeks of age.

The mutation which causes this disease was identified by a research team at the University of Missouri led by Drs. Gary Johnson, and Dennis O'Brien. The test offered by Vetgen is based on their discovery. Animals with no copies of the mutation (clear), and those with only one copy (carriers) show no signs of the disease.


Opdrætter: Carin Eriksson, Sverige

Ejer: Lisbeth Jakobsen




NORD UCh. Vätten's Aragorn Af Midgård NORD UCH. Caniche Noir Le Grand Ami 
GB CH UCH NO UCH NO V-91 SE UCH.Racketeer Exquisit Sinner
INT UCH NORD UCH SE V-99Sagan's Chic Caniche Noir

FI UCH SE UCH. Racketeer I'l Fly Away

Shining Mr. Mattis
Racketeer Cry No More
SE UCH. Vätten's Magic Moonglow SE UCH. Party-Line's Keep On CH  DK UCH EUW-05-06 INT UCH SE%FI UCH US CH. Brighton Keepsake
Huffish Funky Pretty
SE UCH. Vätten's Magic Embla Af Valhall FI UCH INT UCH NO V-05 NORD UCH NORD UV-02 Dajmens Black Magic
FI UCH SE UCH. Vätten's Magic Belladonna 



Dommer: Natasa Blanusa



Dommer: Anne-Mari Haugsten, Norge







Sasso "Walther"



Follow's familie

Far - NORD UCH. Vätten's Aragorn Af Midgård

HD:  A


                               Farfar                                                     Farmor

  NORD UCH. Caniche Noir Le Grand Ami        SE.FI. UCH Racketeer I'll Fly Away




Mor - SE UCH. Vätten's Magic Moonglow

HD:  B


Søster - Vätten's Wish Upon A Star


Søster - Vätten's New Star Shining "Ida"


Søster - Vätten's Shine Like A Star


Søster - Vätten's Star Child "Alice"


Søster - Vätten's Catch A Star "Snö"


Morbror - Racketeer Breaking The Waves